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Chard's Darkcloud


Heaven, Earth, & Hell......
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Heaven, Earth, & Hell......

....a Demon's Story....

GENRE: Paranormal Comedy
Time Period:Modern
PLACE:Florida USA,Okinawa Japan
TIME: Ongoing Series

There is Heaven, Earth, & Hell,... in that, a Balance must be upheld.
-Heaven causes those to be good, rewards  good fortune to those who do so
-Earth is the middle ground, where humans live out the balance
-Hell causes those to do bad,  bestows misfortune to those who disobey the balance
Heaven & Hell actually work together to retain Balance, for there cannot be good with out the bad,
    yin cannot exist without yang
But sometimes angels and demons bend the rules, and do things other than they are told to do

One such demon is Chard, a funloving Thunder Demon who works in the Misfortune Distribution branch.
He just wants to sing, eat icecream and have fun, and could care less about his duty,but does it nevertheless,even if he slacks at the same time.
Chard only does his job as to not let down his family, a Highly respected family of elite demons.
He spends most of his time hanging out with his friends, pint-sized outcast Nue, and the ever overachieving Neko Mimi, also working in Misfortune Distribution.
Chard, almost always in the company of Nue, spends most of his time on earth watching Neko Mimi work.
Mimi must stay there, because she is a Nightmare,the lowest rank of demons, to others not even considered a full fledged demon.
she is charged simply with giving nightmares and daymares and nothing more. Mimi constantly strives for more,
for she has been at bottom rank for a long time, seemingly never able to advance,
while the ever slacking Chard, on the other hand,is actually a low level qualified Demon, while she, a hard worker is just a mere Nightmare, a rookie.
as frustrating as it is to her, and how she'd like to feel she is better than him, she somehow always finds herself in his company.
going off in oddball adventures.
    and so our adventure begins........
   (season one)

-Male Hero - NAME: Chard Darkcloud
-Chard - rank/race:middle, quialified Demon~ D class; class/type: Storm/Cloud~Lightning

 Main supporting cast:
 (story part1)
-NAME: Neko (Miriam) Mimi
 -rank/race:lowest,unqualified Demon~ E class; class/type: Nightmare/cat type siamese
-NAME: Nue
 -rank/race:freelance, cloud Monster~ outcast; class/type: chimera
 (story part2) 
-NAME: Pryzm
 -rank/race:unknown, Chaos Demon~ N/A; class/type: Unknown
-NAME: Cloud Goldsparrow
 -rank.race:middle,qualified Angel~ C class; class/type: N/A /sparrow type
 (story part3)
-NAME: Heion Misae
 -rank/race:unknown, half breed (human & demon)~ unregisterd; class/type: unknown