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Miwako's Paradise Kiss Cosplay
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AWA 8 2002
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History of My Hobby

like i've said in the main page, i've been cosplaying since 2001, when i first heard that my local comic shop was hosting an annual Anime Party.
 there was an option of dressing up as any anime character, so i decided to look in my closet for anything to do, i remembered i had my violet chinese dress, from my senior prom, and i  also bought a cheap black wig from Jo-anne fabrics, so i decided to cosplay Shampoo, from Ranma 1/2, and thus began my great obsession with cosplay.
 I regularly attended the anime parties, wearing things i either already had or made from stuff in my closet.  then my friends heard about Anime Weekend Atlanta 8, & we all planned to attend , i was determined - for it would be my first convention, so i saved up for a few months, and had enough to go.
  At AWA8 2002 i cosplayed: My orig. char. Chard Darkcloud~ Bishonen ver. from the Manga i draw, as well as another orig. char. from the same manga-Neko Mimi ~ballgown ver.(for their FF8 Ball) and lastly (ghetto cosplay)Skuld from Ah! My Goddess!.
 I met many people there, and it  also boosted my confidence of my other hobby- Drawing, i made $30 off of One piece of commission art for a group . it was awsome!
I now am panning to attend AWA9 2003, as: my orig. char. Rubeus-the raven demon(spare fun costume), Yura of the Hair from Inu Yasha(we will have an inu yasha group) , Ranma female from Ranma 1/2(we will have a small girls of ranma group consisting of Ranma, shampoo and akane), and degiko in school girl fuku from Digi Charat(will be a small group consisting of Dejiko-school girl, rabi en rose -playboy bunny type, and pyokola (possibly maid))


Chard darkcloud
copyright Aira L. aka Aichan