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Miwako's Paradise Kiss Cosplay

My Finished Cosplay - STAGE 1
My Incomplete/In Progress Cosplay - STAGE 2
My Planned Cosplay - STAGE 3
My Fellow Cosplayers
AWA 8 2002
My Photography

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Shampoo from Ranma 1/2

Rumiko Takahashi's
Shampoo in Gown
manga illustration

my first cosplay outing
TBS comics Anime Party 4  2001
i won 2nd place in the costume contest

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i orig. had the dress for prom
Senior Prom Dress 1999
my mom made it for me

my 2nd try at shampoo with a better wig
shampoo fancy
@ another TBS Comics anime party

My hand made matching
odango jewelry and earrings

here's a close up of my wig
after i cut and styled the bangs to fit me

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