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Miwako's Paradise Kiss Cosplay

*Note- this is a GRAPHIC INTENSE site, will take a few minutes to load*

Welcome to Miwako's Paradise Kiss Cosplay!

My Finished Cosplay - STAGE 1
My Incomplete/In Progress Cosplay - STAGE 2
My Planned Cosplay - STAGE 3
My Fellow Cosplayers
AWA 8 2002
My Photography

Welcome, i have been cosplaying since 2001, and have been consumed by the fun of cosplay(costuming). i had been cosplaying at my local comic shops anime parties they would have time to time, but my first anime convention was at Anime Weekend Atlanta 8 - 2002. it was great fun, and i've decided to make it my yearly trip, to go with my friends.

in this site, you can also view my Mangas & artwork, in other links.

Please enjoy your visit!

~Miwako~ (a.k.a. Aichan)


Diamonds 10

i've updated my site! and now it has
a new layout! with better navigation!
i added new pages, like my friends' cosplay gallery!
it's still under construction, but most of it's up.
check back soon, hopefully
i'll have it all up and running next week!

I finally RE-made my Chii Ears
i posted the pattern and some quickie pics,
don't mind my make shift chii wig,
i will also post a step by step tutorial soon  

I FINALLY made the Degiko hat!!! check it out in the link   "my cosplay-stage 3"

>____< geez, i havent updated in eternity! and i STill havent gotten around to making new chee ears to post, i got all bummed out on them, and i decided not to be freya for this years con too.
i also haven't started on my degiko hat, need to do that, i wanna try again today, no i need to do it today!
that is all!

more persocon ears patterns added!
4 more coming soon!-(maid) 

NEW page added!
i just posted the start of my Persocon foam ears tutorials!
check them out!