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Miwako's Paradise Kiss Cosplay
AWA 8 2002

My Finished Cosplay - STAGE 1
My Incomplete/In Progress Cosplay - STAGE 2
My Planned Cosplay - STAGE 3
My Fellow Cosplayers
AWA 8 2002
My Photography

Anime Weekend Atlanta 8!
My 1st convention!

top from left to right: KZ as Yuna from FFX,Westbaylen as Pryzm from my orig. Manga Chard's Darkcloud, Philia as Si-Si from Chard's Dark Cloud, Lostkun as Billy from Xenogears, and DDr Peorth as Cloud from Chard's Darkcloud
bottom from left to right: Komachan as herself in odango glory, and Me , Aichan as Neko Mimi from Chard's Darkcloud